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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  January 1, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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brown, and you were a delight as always. andy, you can't come in here. i am greg gutfield. happuy ney jnewnew year. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight we are broadcasting from high above times square. these are my radio studios in new york. we're about 40 stories above sometimes square. we're going to spend the next hour looking at this crazy live show that we go every night at 5:00 on fox. it's been a wild year. we have broken stories. cnn, where are you? skinned our knees. this is a very -- oh, here i am. hello, america. some people think boiled frogs alive. i swear, i thought they jumped
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right out. we worked with dead fish. hello, i'd like to give $108 billion to the i.r.s. you name it, we've done it. tonight we're going to look at some of the more outrageous moments, some of the things that we did. >> i care! >> and how we did them of the glenn beck program. >> it had a lot of animals on the set, glenn, this year. which ones did you have the most fun with? we had frogs. >> ok. all right. >> turtles. >> barney and frank. here they are. this is your shovel-ready project from florida. why did the turtle cross the road? to get to the other side go. >> ahead, go. look, i'll even put our messiah, barack obama. come on, go get him. yes, go get him. here. look. it's a little baby turtle, go get him.
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hey, you -- i've got a dove bar. uh-oh, uh-oh, that didn't work out well. $3.5 million for a turtle crossing. >> dead fish. >> this, in the center of the fish, is what is called a spine . a spine. it runs generally down the fish's back or our back right here. it keeps us erect. it also helps us make tough decisions sometimes when it's really tough, or, i don't know, maybe i should have a little spine! meet my friend, larry, the dead fish. here he is. hello, mary. >> hello, america. >> larry is here for the one reason that -- whoo! larry. wow, larry stinks. larry is the dead fish that nobody wanted you to see. larry was printing up money
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last week. that's what he was doing. meanwhile, the government, they decided to, you know, do a couple of other things. look, it's barack obama. >> they're watch dogs of our republic, right? here's the press right now. see, look, it even says press. oh, it's really scary, huh? look. she's like shivering, she's so afraid. >> or carrier pigeons. >> maybe the phones are down. so the white house, just so you know, i brought carrier pigeons. just in case. you know, if you need to send a message, so you know you can call me, or you can just send a pigeon. >> i really did like our little "new york times" journalist, the little lap dog of the president. i like that a lot. i like the turtle segment a lot, until one of them peed all
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over me on the set. honestly, that was like my appearance on "the view." >> i'm a little pissed at you. >> we were not going to start off on this, but you have two of us, ok? >> to deal with. >> yeah. >> when you cry, does that come natural, or do you have to pull a hair out of your nose? >> probably the turtle. >> now, to one of the biggest controversies the show has ever generated -- the frog controversy. >> the frog controversy. you know what kills me about this show is we're talking about a communist in the white house. we're talking about a guy who defended cop killers in the white house. we're talking about the destruction of our economy. what did the press talk about, what do the blogs talk about? boiling a rubber frog. i mean, this is incredible. >> let's take a look at what happened that day. >> well, he's a republican.
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how bad could he be? bad. let me explain this to you using this boiling water here and these little frogs. you know, the old saying, if you put a frog into boiling water he's going to jump right out because he's scalding hot. but if you place the frog in lukewarm water and gradually raise the temperature, the frog won't realize what's happening and die. let me get the frogs. ok. all right. so you have the little frogs. you have the little frogs here. barack obama has galvanized the country because of the sheer size of the bills he's proposed and the number of the bills, the urgency that he's been placing on the bills. he's forced us to think and get involved. we have -- not like john mccain -- been boiled slowly, we have been tossed quickly into
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boiling water. and don't forget what happens. what happens when you throw them in? when you throw frogs into boiling water -- ok, forget the frog. >> so how did we pull off that frog shot anyway? >> i am the director behind the boiling frog controversy. glenn came to me and said that he wanted to make sure that when we did the frog stunt that it looked like we were putting a real frog into boiling water. he was very specific. i want to hear it splash, i want it to look like you'll taking it out. we had this container of frogs out on set and i recorded glenn putting his hand into the water to get one of the frogs out. so when i actually shot it in the live she, i had that recorded on tape and i actually gave glenn a monitor so he could look and see and react to when his hand was in the water, so as he took his hand out in the rehearsal footage, i was able to cut to him live holding this frog.
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and it was just a split second. it looked the same because it was our set, but it was a tape. and then he took the now rubber frog that he had in his hand and threw it into a pot of boiling water and we heard it splash and we looked in there and there was a frog in there and it appeared very real. >> i think there should be an award for stunt double, because the little rubber frog that we boiled was so believable to so many people, or at least we'll have you believe it was a rubber frog. >> let's look back now at some of your favorite guests over the year. >> you said that you didn't do anything illegal. >> right. >> did you do anything unethical? >> no. >> why the hesitation? >> he was good. rod blagojevich, he was good. he was -- i can't believe that guy actually looked me in the eye. and he was just -- i mean, a typical dirt bag from chicago. i don't know if you know this,
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typical dirt bag politician. looked me right straight in the eye. no, no, i'm really a good guy. oh, my gosh. i remember the moment with rod blagojevich was when i said to him -- >> if you're innocent, then you know what? the biggest tragedy is being done right now, and we need to get to the bottom of it. but if you're lying, do you realize the damage you're doing to this country? lk me in the eye right now. >> i'm looking you right in the eye. >> you tell me you are absolutely clean. you had nothing to do with this. >> i'm telling you i did not commit any criminal acts. >> and for a fraction of a second i could see behind his eyes the -- oh, my gosh, i am that dirtbag. i mean, it was an amazing moment. i don't think it translated on tv, but i could see it for just a milisecond, a fan from acorn,
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which was another fantastic interview. >> you're saying you had bad employees. >> yes. >> why have you hired people who have been imprisoned for identity theft? >> excuse me? i mean, really, excuse me? do you really want to talk about that? >> yes. >> and you want to talk about the furlough program that the state offered? >> identity fraud. identity fraud. i love that one. >> that was going to be the next one i brought up. >> that's good. great moment that nobody really saw or nobody talked about. anybody who was watching it had that moment of, aha. senator jim demint was on, and this is when what's his face was making it with his girlfriend, the governor. >> let me ask you about governor sanford, and i know you don't have any -- i'm sure you don't have any personal
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information on this. >> i've heard he's actually just taking a hike. and i know he wanted to get away. but i really don't know the facts about this, so i can't comment. >> and i said to him, do you know him? will you vouch for his character? and he paused for a minute. >> he always has been up front with me, but, you know -- who knows? i don't know if we can vouch for each other's character, but he's a good friend of mine and obviously i hope he's ok. >> we went into break and i said sanford is guilty as sin. there's something wrong here. i later talked to jim deminute and he said that he had -- demint and he said that he had just gotten a text right before he went -- he was standing in front of the camera, and before he went on air he looked down at the text and it said we found the governor's car at the airport. he said, if you would have asked me that question three minutes before, i would have said yes.
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he said when i looked at that text and went, something's wrong. >> you have a lot of glennisms? >> glennisms. >> well, hello, all fat, fat, fatties. >> big fat, fat, fatties. >> the weasels in washington. >> the weasels in washington. >> makes the case of what the weasels in wash d- >> that's fantastic. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> that's weird. >> that's weird, isn't it? >> that's weird. >> i'd like more, please. >> more pudding. >> i'd like more, please. >> trial after trial, and then put the pulleding in the pudding pops. i'd like more, sir, please, i'd like some more. that's a classic. my wife loves them. people ask me all the time, you know, you're so great. what is your wife like? i'll introduce my wife and they'll say, is he really like that at home? and she'll say, yes, he is. it is great. because i'll say, excuse me,
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honey, i'd like more, please. and the laughs ensue. and then she gets a golf club. >> and speaking of pudding, your favorite food? >> honey, honey, no dessert, no dessert. you got to eat your green vegetables and eat everything on your plate. >> this is why lord acton did not say power tends to purify. why are you handing me cookies? >> cookie doug. -- cookie dough. >> well, this is like nature's pro zac. pretty close. i think sugar is made by zod, i'm not sure. >> about 26% of this economy. i'll take that piece. that's the federal government spending. we also forget about the state and local spending. so -- >> i think you're exactly right. this bill is green on the outside, the thinnest green on the outside, and inside it's deep communist red. and, you know, gosh chetch actually runs an -- gorbachev
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actually runs an environmental group now. >> this one has just too much salt in it. it has cheese and bacon and hash browns and a pancake and eggs and sausage. i mean, too much salt. >> this isn't healthy. somebody should sue. it's almost 6,000 milligrams of sodium or the amount of salt you should have in three days. but guess what, piggy, pig, pig, pig? you don't have to eat it. >> i would say that serving the troops, you know, dinner was probably the best. but they didn't share. so they're off my holiday list. i would say ben stein and john bolton having a little chinese. >> ben, thank you for the chinese food. i actually thought of a reason why we should have chinese food. i'll share it with you here in just a second. might have a good idea to get
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your kids to speak mandarin chinese as soon as possible. >> this is bad luck? >> it is, to stick your chopsticks straight up and down. >> did you learn that at the u.n.? >> actually, i learned it at the state department. >> really? >> that was -- how many times did you sit around with a fork in a box talking to the ambassador of the u.n. and one of the best, you know -- one the best economists in the world? >> next up on this special new year's edition of the glenn beck program, glenn's favorite. can you get which one that is? and the list that's gotten the most hits on youtube this year. >> arguing with idiots. smart debate with nitwits. root for those who care to look
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and another way to sell our book. >> and now, another edition of "arguing with idiots," featuring ben franklin. and today's guest idiot, karl marx. >> wait, what? >> hello, i'm ben. >> i'm karl. >> idiot. >> wait, what's going on here? >> and we're here to illustrate how glenn beck's new book -- >> wait, glenn beck? >> will help you win arguments with your idiot friends. >> glenn beck, really? >> watch what i mean. >> whatever. >> hey, girl, what do you think about texting? >> not too good for too long. >> shared sacrifice. >> taxes should be progressive. >> hang on. progressive? >> yeah. your rate goes up as you earn more. >> but that's already how it works, man. >> well, fair share. hello. >> ok, ok, we all know you can recite bumper sticker slogans, but take a look at this chart. >> i'm actually unable to turn my head, because i'm flat, so -- >> right. ok, well, in 2006 the top 1%
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paid almost 40% of the country's income taxes. >> really? >> really. you don't see that in "the new york times". >> i love "the times." >> i'm sure you do. >> word. >> but i doubt they told you that the top 50% of earners paid 97% of the entire income tax bill. >> whoa. so the poor only paid like 3%? >> no, no, no. the middle class paid 3%. the poor actually got an income tax refund. >> whoa. i wish i was poor. >> you are poor. >> that would be great. >> so you're still paying taxes aren't progressive? >> no hable englais. your signal is dropping. >> idiot.
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>> you're watching glenn beck's "new year's countdown." now we go to the czars of the year, and the nominees are -- >> number one. >> number one. >> manufacturing czar ron blum. >> he's good. >> we agree that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. >> he's great. he believes political power comes from the barrel of a gun. he doesn't believe in actual -- i think -- manufacturing, which is weird. >> then number two, we've got f.d.c., diversity, mark lloyd. >> he's good. >> what we're saying is the fairness doctrine is not enough. >> we're in a position where you have to say who is going to step down, so someone else can have power. >> i like that. >> we've got van jones. >> this is deeper.
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don't stop there, don't stop there. >> or number four. is it the disinformation czar? >> i will tell you, stu did a very good job as the disinformation czar. >> i'm the communications director for the white house office of health reform, and one of my jobs is to keep track of all the disinformation. >> i'm stu from the office of disinformation and information from offices of disinformation, and today we're talking about linda douglass's video that you just saw. i'm a huge fan. she's very talented. she actually made the entire, incredible leap from mainstream media reporter all the way to obama administration mouthpiece. how did she do it? >> i don't know how she did it, but i think it's a sexy outfit that now you have, too. so do you have any of the information for the disinformation? >> yes, glenn. there's a video that she didn't show you. i do want to point out, though -- i hate when people show you
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old video and don't tell you about it. this video is very, very old. it goes all the way back to when george w. bush was president. >> it was spooky how much they looked and sounded alike. >> and now, we'd like to welcome the dis disinformation czar. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> out's good to see you. >> what happened when glenn came into your office and said, please wear this? >> i did realize i'd finally have use for the blazer i had purchased, which is just absolutely beautiful. normally, when you have your boss who comes to you and said, can you put on this wig shall it's not something you want necessarily to end up on national television. but i feel like in this case things really came together. the hair really worked. i learned something about myself, which was i'm much more
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attractive as a female. i am very happy to be one of glenn's czars. in fact, what's really odd about me -- and this is something that the obama administration might want to learn -- is i only dressed up as one czar, ok? linda douglass. and she's one of the few that still has their job. so there's sort of a correlation going on. i'm like my own stimulus program. i have saved one job, linda douglass. >> i'm going to have to go with the czar of czars. i'm going to have to go with van jones. >> i mean, hey -- van, you're always right here, baby, always right here. >> you talked to a lot of sound bites on the show this year. which one do you think we've used the most? >> the most used sound bites on
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the show. got to be van jones. van jones, got to be. give them the wealth, give them the wealth. >> no more broken treaties, no more broken treaties. give them the wealth. give them the wealth. >> the fundamentally transforming america, and we're five days away from fundamentally transforming. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> the problem with the constitution, right? he didn't go for the redistribution of wealth. the crazy constitution without that. >> one of the, i think, the tragedies of the civil rights movement was because the civil rights movement became so court focused, i think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put
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together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change. >> you at sciu, your agenda is mine. >> your agenda has been my agenda in the united states senate. before debating health care i talked to andy stern and sciu members. >> i feel like in the last year i've spent my whole life representing your agenda, america'send. do you believe it's been a year? >> up next, want to play a game? and still ahead, the most talked-about moments on the show. can you guess which one that was? when glenn beck's "new year's countdown" returns. . . >> do you ever lie awake at night and think, man, i wish i
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had a juggler on hand to help me explain the role of government interference in our lives? or maybe just a big pile of monopoly money to make sense of foreign debt. lucky day for you. look no further. just record this show or d.v.r. it every day at 5:00 p.m. eastern. i mean, i'm there for you, baby, you know what i'm saying? ooh! i think i made most of the audience throw up in their mouth, just a little bit. there's nothing like a little glenn after hours. oh, did it again. remember, midnight snack and a size of me. they took away my m&m's and replaced them with grapes. i am grossing america out like crazy. make sure you join
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>> from america's news headquarters. the hospital treating rush limbaugh says that the talk-show host is in stable condition after experiencing chest pains. the guest host says that doctors have not confirmed whether he had a heart attack and that more examinations are planned. he was taken to a hospital during his vacation in hawaii. the h1n1 disease is losing its grip on america. it was widespread only in four states last week. this is down from last october
1:29 am
when 48 states reported high levels of infection. they caution that people should be given the vaccination because this may come back later on during the winter. we now go back to glenn beck. >> we played a lot of games on the show. any favorites? glenn: jenga is my favorite. that was the favorite one. they have just committed you to a debt of $116,000. that's what your family owes. what was the problem we got into? we got into this problem partly because they were making loans they couldn't afford. they were giving out way too much money. >> wall street was betting on loans people wouldn't afford. betting on top of these things making a reverse pyramid
1:30 am
teetering on that little point that was about to collapse. the privileged people don't want to take a loss. they don't want to take a haircut. glenn: here is thing. they didn't ask a lot of these people to verify their income. did i they ask you to verify your name and income? they just send your bill. let me tell you, all these people, all they have done the whole time is just play a game. >> what about the barbie doll house. glenn: i didn't think we were going to talk about that. oh, you meant on the television? oh, sure. who doesn't do that. they said they wanted to talk to me about acorn. on the way to work on sto stopped in the toys r us and got the big house for barbie. i thought this is going to hack him off. let me bring the houston set.
1:31 am
this is deal and his brother is in here some place and i have all of the acorn member here's. i could bring a little house but i think acorn probably -- don't you think it is better if the acorn people are in the big house? you know what i'm saying? we'll explain this. i don't know who this one is. but they are angry and they are going to drive away. it will be -- well, you'll see. >> dominos. glenn: you just knock it out by overspending, the whole thing collapsed. your house. unemployment and the government and then you're left with a choice. are you ready? it is easy. all you do is just push once. wow! look at this. did you get this, harry? look at this. one didn't fall.
1:32 am
>> connect four? glenn: let's play connect the dots. we have buffy and yosie and we have -- then we have valerie. right? and then we have barack obama. well -- uh-oh. connect four. that was tricky. >> how about playing a magic trick? glenn: he cannot lose this battle. it is his legacy. his waterloo. i told you the man is david copperfield. let me show you what they are doing. lights, please. the man is david copperfield. i said to you over and over again. just watch the other hand. see the money? see the money? here's the money. well, watch the other hand. the guy is a magician. your money is about to be lost. so -- now by putting the spotlight on fox and having you
1:33 am
stand here and watch us, what else has happened? if we turn the lights back on, oh, my gosh! as you were watching this, health care was snuck in the back door. >> trains? glenn: money is coming from all over the world. this is the engine of any big company. the law puts them first in line. correct. then you have what? stockholders? >> preferred shareholders, unsecured. glenn: ok. what we have done here, if i'm not mistaken is these people -- these people are gone. they are out. >> right. glenn: and these people have been put here. >> actually, you need another train. glenn: got to be jenga. there she blows. >> speaking of game players, what are you favorite lay-ups that you have talked about from
1:34 am
washington? >> -- lawmakers that you spoke to from washington? glenn: do i have a choice? >> would you choose perhaps nancy pelosi? glenn: let's just reflect on some of the super nancy pelosi lines. listen. >> i have concerns about some of the language that has been used. i saw this myself. in the late 1970's in san francisco. this kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it created a climate in which violence took place. glenn: by liberals? that violence? yeah, that is a good one. i love the c.i.a. statement. that's good statement. >> my statement is clear. let me read it again.
1:35 am
let me read it again. sorry. glenn: there is the maxine waters where she said i'll tell you what this liberal is going to do do. >> guess what this liberal will be all about? this liberal will be all about socializing -- will be about basically taking over and the government running all of o your companies. glenn: that one is just the best piece of video ever for holy crap -- uh-oh -- um -- um -- i can't think of anything barney frank has done this year that has been crazy except maybe -- i mean i do like -- when i think barney frank, i think to have audio where right before the
1:36 am
crash comes. >> let me tell you something. fannie and freddie are perfectly solvent. i think they are fundamentally sound. they are not in danger of going under. i think their prospects going forward are very solid. glenn: please. >> now to your favorite married couple? glenn: tiger woods. if that is not a marriage. if that is not a marriage made in heven, you know? swedish super model? hookers and stuff on the side. congresswoman and robert cramer married. i don't think he took her name. it is hard to pronounce. and then that's good because you've got the corruption of congress and just -- bankrupt.
1:37 am
it is a plot that they can lay in bed tonight and say so, i just stole a whole bunch of money and then other one can say i did too in a completely different way. her husband, an attorney for white house, which by the way, i thought that wasn't happening. i thought when he broke that story, we were told crazy. that wasn't going to happen. >> favorite couple of the year, i think has to be -- glenn: technically married? >> yes, they were married. glenn: two names they will never say. if you were watching with a d.v.r.
1:38 am
google this show now. google it. look it up. cloward and piven. collapsing the system and replacing it with a system of guaranteed annual income for all workers. workers of the world unite. just to make it for simple-minded people like me. can you take each other's name? i don't care if she takes his name or he takes her name, i don't care. >> we're only minutes away from the most memorable moment of all time on the glenn beck program.
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glenn: we're not saying we're
1:41 am
like russia. i'm not saying obama is going to kill anybody but can we stop the music? can we at least come up with some other title than czar? can we maybe remember that czar wasn't a good thing? loom how enormous their head is -- look how enormous their head is. look at their head and my head. i need something new. why don't we just put the -- you know, the new -- uh-oh. uh-oh. olive garden. they say glenn beck is such a dumb, dumb dummy. what is america transforming to on the board?
1:42 am
oligarh what is missing? oh, that's the word that is missing. hang on just a second. so what we were missing yesterday was zars. so the liberal blogs -- who is smart? we said you couldn't -- the progressives just wouldn't get it. what they touths us now is you -- taught us now is you can't spell oligargh 2002 r's. the white house used to have when we had real enemies like russia -- those were the days. we used to have a red phone at the white house where if russia did something, the president could pick it up and say what are you doing? we're going to bomb you and then
1:43 am
they would talk things out. now this is in anita dunn's office in the white house. when the phone is there and they really truly have the phone number, the white house that is phone number, we have verified it. they have the phone number. why in your wildest dreams, wouldn't you call? here is an idea. because you're lying, maybe? >> how many black words do we really have? glenn: we only have three. they are double sided. we also have one that is a rental. and i did on a saturday at -- near my home, i did try to buy a black board for my house for my kids. the real culprit of the people who wanted to save us. the fed. the federal reserve. they were supposed to save us.
1:44 am
even it all out. this is what they do for a living. they create bubbles. we have the savings and loan and they saved us. oh, the 1980's led to the failure of 747 savings and loans institutions. the ultimate cost estimated to have totaled about $160 billion. they rolled back. save it. save. save. thoughtful members of congress and the president are working on creating this. there is going to be gold everywhere and the president is winking at you. hey, sport. the sun is going to be hot but not too hot. wall street, main street, rolling in the cash. kids will be healthy. fantastic. they are stitching this together with stimulus and health care and it is just sun shine and lollipops for you and your children. look. everybody is happy. even the sun is wearing cool shades.
1:45 am
hello. my name is glenn and i'm addicted to black boards. >> up next the big reveal. the most talked about of all time on the glenn beck program. c
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glenn: it is an emergency. it is an emergency. quick, we need the emergency red lights, please. this is an emergency. head for the exits. go. go. get out of here as quick as you can. it is the economy. quick, it is an emergency. >> get comfortable.
1:48 am
sit back. relax. visualize -- drifting into my voice, deeper and further all the way down. as you do, you begin to drift. happy and calm feelings. whatever you're hearing on the news becomes one with you and you become one with it. glenn: i hope he is wearing gloves. he is cleaning up one of the fancy light bulbs here. this is steve, otherwise known as stu on my program. can you hear me? >> yes. glenn: in tornado alley, kansas. what can possibly go wrong there? the government accountability office said homeland security did like an outhouse when somebody closed the door -- the security relied on a flawed study that justified spending $700 million to build the research facility filled with
1:49 am
diseases. and now the moment america has been on pins and needles for. will you feel them soon? the most memorable moment of the glenn beck program, 2009. ok. here is where i want to get. as all of these fell, they all piled into the -- and now it is all contained there. are you all right? >> i'm passing out. i'm passing out. glenn: you want to sit down? we'll be back in just a second. welcome back to the program. it is kind of a wild day here. david buckner is a good friend of mine. he is doing well. he was ill apparently this morning and just got a little lightheaded but he is fine and we have medical professionals on their way to the set and he is up and alert and fine. it became an international sensation. i think only susan boyle knocked him off. he was number one on youtube and
1:50 am
he is very proud of that. no, he's not. we never finished what we were talking about. he is here to finish what he started. how are you, sir? you're not going to pass out? >> i'm good. glenn: just in case. >> i'm good. i'm fine. glenn: i'm sorry, dude. >> glad to know it is there. i didn't know what to do. glenn: you have my hand. that is very special -- this is coveted. this is very coveted and you can see by the way it works here. you probably know who that might be. i'll just keep talking and talking and talking until finally he just -- and maybe then i'll recognize him. most memorable moment goes to -- come on in. david.
1:51 am
>> i'm so touched. i'm so touched. glenn: can we cut here? i think he has passed out. here you go, david. you can put it like that. you can glue it like that, face done. you have -- face-down. you have been recognized on youtube. >> susan boyle finally came along and took it away three or four days later. i'll never forget that day. glenn: right, i know. neither will i. >> i was sitting out there on the stretcher. i said glenn, i'm real sorry, man. glenn: as we were doing this conversation, he is like i'm gone. i'm going to pass out or something. i'm thinking i don't see how this relates to this. i thought -- i don't know what kind of joke that was. that didn't really work. then when he was down on the
1:52 am
floor i realized what you were saying to me and then you apologized when we went into the break. i'm like it is ok. we just want to get you to the hospital. >> you did say, now i know you're ok. you're number one on the -- i will cherish this always. i will let it wobble. glenn: a very high-budgetted show. a very coveted award. >> don't go away. the counterdown continues next.
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glenn: we might as well all go to crazy town. yeah, baby. nasa released the first video to have first ever moon landing. we seem to be marching down the road to socialism. comrades. today i bring you good news from the western front.
1:56 am
our fearless leader say their country will never recover if their stimulus doesn't pass quickly. how right he is. but comrades, you must not listen to the foolish propaganda who say their leader obama is simply fear mongering. this is 9/12. are you ready to be that person that you were? that day after 9/11 of 9/12? this is the way i think america is being trained to see it. the republicans versus the democrats. my theory is that there is only about 15% of these people that just care about their party. all they care about is their party and the money and the power. i think that is actually high.
1:57 am
let me show you a group of radicals. these are reeve lucianries. they were -- -- revolutionries. self-determination. thrift. these guys were called traitors. dangerous. awful. they were revolutionaries for freedom. they fought iran thei and gigantic government and oppression. are we going to go with this revolutionary or that revolutionary from new york, good night, america. before we leave each other, i just wanted to take the time to say thank you. thank you for the most incredible year of my life. you know, it was just over a year ago that i met with the fox executives and they told me we
1:58 am
would like to put your show on at 5:00 in the afternoon. i sate i don't care what time you put it on, i don't know if it will be a success. who is going to watch at 5:00? >> three, two, one, beck. glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. i'm going to be honest with you. this is only the third time i've actually done live tv. buckle up. this could get very, very bumpy. well, here we are a year later. one of the fastest growing tv shows in cable history. it is really because of you, you're willing to put up with me, to listen to me, to question -- question with boldness. i've been trying and my whole staff has, tried all year long to be fair, to be reasonable. we do talk about outrageous things but it is not because we're trying to come up with outrageous things. we're just trying to come up with answers.
1:59 am
thank you for being with us all year. thank you for being willing to question the boldness. to hold to the truth and to speak without fear. we have a lot of work to do and a lot planned for next year. i invite you to join us. we'll see you then. from new york, good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute


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